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Get to know Attorney Margie Villalobos!

Enjoy our videos below to learn more about Attorney Margie Villalobos. 

immigration attorney margie villalobos

Attorney Margie Villalobos specializes in Immigration Law.

La abogada Margie Villalobos se especializa en la ley de inmigración.

An immigrant's story

Attorney Margie Villalobos' father, Jesus Arellano immigrated to the United States from Mexico as part of the Bracero Program. Although he had obtained a college education in Mexico, conditions in his country were bad. He came to the United States to work and make a better life for himself and his family. He was a hard worker and supported eight children, teaching them the value of hard work and education. Six of his eight children obtained a college education or a graduate degree and two of his daughters earned their law degree. Margie Villalobos is proud her hardworking father. He was able to achieve his dream of coming to the United States to provide opportunities for his family! Now, as an immigration attorney, she hopes to help others have the same opportunities to improve their lives.

From Haskell, TX to UT Law School

Margie Villalobos grew up in West Texas, an area that was predominantly white and had very few Hispanics. She faced discrimination and injustice during her youth, including the lack of an investigation of two of her cousins who were murdered (who were Hispanic), and her own high school guidance counselor recommending that she attend a vocational school - despite the fact that Margie was a straight A student her entire life. This injustice only fueled a desire in Margie to continue educating herself and to work harder so that she could make a difference and help her Hispanic community. She worked full time at the District Attorney’s office while also attending McMurry University full time. Her hard work paid off and she was able to obtain admittance and a full scholarship to the top law school in Texas - the University of Texas School of Law.

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About Margie villalobos

   Margie Villalobos was born and raised in Haskell, Texas as the third-born child of eight. Her interest in helping immigrants to have an opportunity to live the American dream began early. Villalobos’ father migrated to the United States as a worker under the Bracero program in the 1950’s.

   In her adolescence, she was involved in sports such as tennis, racquetball and Karate/Kungfu and had a strong academic focus, remaining consistently on the Honor Roll. She spent her summers working in the fields of Haskell, Texas alongside her family.

   After High School, Villalobos stayed close to home and attended McMurry University in Abilene, Texas where she studied Pre-Law and Business. Her academic excellence paid off, landing her a full-ride scholarship to The University of Texas School of Law in Austin, Texas, the State’s Top Law School.

Following a few years in practice at other law firms, Margie co-founded Villalobos Law Firm with Jesus Villalobos. Here, she handled personal injury cases, where she obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars for her clients.

   Once ready to take on a different role, motherhood, Villalobos spent a few years at home to raise her and Jesus’s four children. While Jesus took the lead role, Margie continued to help manage the firm and assist with cases.

   Margie now primarily focuses on immigration law, dedicating her skillset to helping immigrants, like her father. Over the years she has helped hundreds of immigrants from all over the world become naturalized citizens and obtain residency.

   Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and attending church. Her proudest accomplishments are raising kind, intelligent and motivated children, helping keep families together through her work and being able to give back to her parents by looking after them and giving them a home on her ranch.

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