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Jesse "Bo"


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Get to know Attorney Jesse "Bo" Villalobos!

Enjoy our videos below to learn more about Attorney Jesse "Bo" Villalobos. 

attorney jesse "bo" villalobos

Attorney Jesse "Bo" Villalobos specializes in litigation. He has a 95% success rate in trials over the past 31 years. He practices personal injury law, family law, civil law, criminal defense, and wills and probate law. 

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About jesse "bo" villalobos

   Jesse “Bo” Villalobos was born and raised in the small city of Crystal City, Texas, best known as the “Spinach Capital of the World.” Villalobos is the oldest of seven siblings and spent the summers of his childhood working in the fields of the Northern States of the USA, alongside his family.

   Throughout grade and high school, his competitiveness and drive led him to participate in athletics. Upon graduation, he received a scholarship to San Antonio’s St. Mary’s University where he studied accounting for two years before transferring to Texas State University to complete his bachelor’s degree.

   Villalobos spent a few years working as an accountant before applying and getting accepted into the State’s top Law School — The University of Texas School of Law. After passing the State Bar, he moved to the Rio Grande Valley to work at the Law Offices of Ramon Garcia before opening up a law firm with Margie Villalobos in McAllen.

   Villalobos specializes in criminal, personal injury, civil and family law and boasts a 95% trial success rate. When he’s not fighting for his client's rights, Villalobos enjoys spending time with his family. Several of his siblings also moved to the RGV to create their lives, and he is the proud father of five children: David, Alexis, Iliana, Rocio and Rey.

   He looks forward to passing on the Villalobos Law Firm reins to Alexis and Iliana, who followed their parents’ path of Justice, Law and Order.

   Villalobos stays in touch with his childhood best friends and is most proud of watching his children — a community organizer, future lawyers, journalist and entrepreneur — come into their own and for being able to give back to his mother by buying her a house in his hometown where she continues to live.

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