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We can help you solve your family law problems.

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Family matters can be stressful!

We can help you.

Our attorneys have practiced family law for the past 31 years. We are experienced in divorces, child custody, adoptions, and all areas of family legal matters. Let us help guide you through what can be an emotional & stressful process, so that you feel satisfied with the settlement of your family affairs. 

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Choose the law firm that is all about family.

our services

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child custody & visitation

We can help parents obtain custody and/or visitation of their children, grandparents & non-biological parent visitation rights.

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We can help you with paternity issues including establishing paternity and the rights and obligations that come with fatherhood.

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Our lawyers can provide guidance through your divorce, division of marital assets, annulments, and any divorce-related disputes.

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child support

We can help you establish support for custodial and non-custodial parents and with modification and enforcement of prior support orders.

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prenuptial agreements

We can help you create a prenuptial agreement that can serve to define and protect the rights and interests of both parties.

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Our team can help you handle parental right issues and through the legal process of an adoption.

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We will FIGHT for you like FAMILY!

orders of protection

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or violence, we can help you obtain an Order of Protection against your abuser.

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defense from orders of protection

If an Order of Protection has been placed against you, we can help you understand your options and enforce your rights.

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Masha's Story

Attorney Jesse "Bo" Villalobos has earned a reputation for being a top trial attorney in the state. When someone needs a lawyer to FIGHT for them, they come to the Villalobos Law Firm.

Masha was in a difficult situation. She was fighting for custody of her daughter against her ex-husband who was a medical doctor / child psychiatrist. She didn't know what to do...


Until she met Attorney Jesse "Bo" Villalobos. He fought hard in a brutal trial for Masha and her daughter to be together, and after much hard work and a well-crafted argument...Masha WON custody of her daughter!

"Mr. Villalobos played a huge role in my life. He helped me win custody of my daughter over my ex-husband who is a child psychiatrist. Mr. Villalobos is very professional and passionate. He fought very hard to win my case. He has compassion for his clients, treats them like part of his family. He did his job 100%! I would highly recommend him!" 

- Masha K.

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Find out what our clients have to say about us!

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We are here to help. If you are interested in how the family law process works, you can find information here.

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In Texas, custody is determined according to what is in the "best interest of the child." First, it must be determined what is in the child's best interest. The next step is to try to resolve custody issues between the parents through mediation. If that doesn't work, the court will decide the custody arrangement based on the "best interests of the child."

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Sometimes fathers have the misconception that mothers have greater custody rights in a divorce. That is false! If you believe it's in the best interest of your children, make sure you fight for them.